Updates (Version 0.5.0)

  • Date:2011-9-8
  • Version:0.5.0
  1. (Add) GO Keyboard tutorial.
  2. (Add) GO Keyboard key press sounds package (animal sounds and instruments sounds)
  3. (Add) Indonesian / Slovenian / Malay keyboard layout.
  4.  (Add) Flick / Toggle button for Japanese Kana layout.
  5.  (Add) German ä ö ü keyboard layout.


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2 Responses to Updates (Version 0.5.0)

  1. Mustafa says:

    İ have htc wildifire s and i didt use this app for go keyboard tutorial

    Why dont u fix this problem _


  2. 陈荣思 says:

    产品不错,特别是国际版,但在HTC G14上一直提示出错,估计是因为分辨率的问题,请修改


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