Update(Version V0.4.1)

  • Date:2011-8-14
  • Version:0.4.1
  1. (New) Can use Android dictionary.
  2. (New) Emoji plug-in (Entrance: click the logo on the left of top menu).
  3. (Optimized) Setting menu option.
  4. (Fix) The bug of Changjie candidate area turn page.
  5. (Fix) Germany keyboard error bug.

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4 Responses to Update(Version V0.4.1)

  1. Felix says:


    I’m on Samsung Galaxy SII. There is a problem on Email client that comes with stock rom. Usually, if I use SMS and type a message the predictive word would come out for each word that I type. However, if I switch to the Email client and write an email, the predictive bar doesn’t come out. Please help to fix this thanks


  2. MiIkle says:



  3. MiIkle says:

    You can use GO Keyboard v0.32.This Version can work well.


  4. 周波 says:



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